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Getting Your WordPress Blog Hosted

If you’re looking to start a blog or website, you might want to consider the benefits of WordPress. WordPress has been and continues to be the best blogging/content management system available in the market today. Getting your WordPress blog hosted is quick and seamless when you have the right web hosting service and a simple script installer. A self-hosted WordPress blog can be up and running within minutes of buying your web hosting plan.

A number of reputable hosting companies offer WordPress hosting such as BlueHost, HostMonster and WebHostingHub. Once you’ve purchased a web hosting service and a domain name from one of these hosting companies, you will be able to setup your WordPress blog. The great thing about using a reputable WordPress hosting company is that they offer a quick and simple way to get WordPress installed on your account.

You will need to start by going to the SimpleScripts or QuickInstall option in your control panel and select WordPress. You may have to provide setup information such as the name of your blog, email address, username and password. Process your requests and WordPress will be installed within a few seconds. You will be able to access the WordPress administration panel by pointing your browser to

In order to customize or enhance the features of your WordPress blog, you can install new themes and plug-ins from within your administration panel. A self-hosted WordPress is a better alternative to the traditional option. For a more in-depth step by step guide on starting your own WordPress site visit

Website Creation Steps

How Can Dedicated Server Hosting Help Transform Your Business?

Businesses, especially online ones need to focus a lot on user experience and customer satisfaction in order to gain a steady share of the market. And for this purpose they need to have a web presence that is advanced enough to offer a customized user experience to each of their visitors. This requires effective coordination of both software and hardware resources allocated to the website. This is something that might in fact require effective coordination of an eCommerce engine and a performance oriented hosting solution.

Thus one of the challenges to having an online business that attracts customers is having a powerful enough hosting solution. It is here that dedicated server hosting makes a dramatic impact. Dedicated server hosting is a performance oriented hosting solution that offers a platform that can be used to run almost any type of eCommerce solution. A dedicated server hosting plan is a solution wherein the whole of the server is available to use as per your choosing.

You have the ability to decide what you want to host on the solution and what not. Not only this, you are in-charge of activities such as database administration, load balancing, etc., activities which if not managed properly can have a drastic effect on your website’s performance. Let us take a look at how a dedicated plan can help you transform your business.

The secret to making it big in online commerce is by creating trust among your customers. And trust creation involves that you offer them a service that is seam-less and intuitive. This requires that you are running your website on a platform that is secure, scalable and has the ability to handle the performance pressure of eCommerce platforms. And dedicated server hosting specifically does all that. It offers an environment that can withstand almost all performance tests and offer a seam-less service.

Not only this with a dedicated server hosting plan, your task of customizing your website according to the needs of your customers becomes easier. This is due to the fact that you have the option to install whatever you want to use on a dedicated server; a freedom that you do not get with other hosting plans such as a regular shared hosting plan. A lower cost alternative to a dedicated server with more options than a shared hosting plan is a virtual private server (VPS). A VPS is the next step up from a shared hosting plan before going all out for a dedicated server. If you are not ready to upgrade to a dedicated server check out some popular VPS hosting options here.

Also, the security concerns associated with shared hosting is something that you do not have to worry about with a dedicated plan. This is because in case of a dedicated plan, only one hosting account is present on a server, which makes it impossible for anyone else to have simultaneous access to your server. Another thing is that with a dedicated plan you have access to toll free 24/7 customer and technical support that can be very helpful if your website is facing any kind of performance or uptime issues; something that can undermine customer trust if not addressed properly.

Green Web Hosting a Necessity in The Internet Era

Danger to the environment

Green web hosting has helped man to enter the Internet age with confidence. Man faces many challenges and global warming is one silent and deadly challenge.The action of man increasing the level of gases such as carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are responsible for global warming. This is an environmentally dangerous trend since it could have severe consequences on the environment.These green house gases are formed in abundance mainly from the burning of carbon fuels. The waste gases that are produced, mainly carbon dioxide, heat up the atmosphere. Obviously, green web hosting can help to circumvent these problems.

Efforts of the Government

We are dependent on the earth and the resources we get from it such as water and fuel. The effort to save the planet from the dangerous affects of global warming has been underlined by the leading world bodies. Several treaties have been signed such as the UN-Framework Convention Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol and Western Climate Initiative in an effort to find a solution to the problem that is facing the environment There does not seem to be a way to reduce the number of cars or engines involved in the production mechanisms. So, the efforts are now on to find ways to lower the amount of gases that are being emitted by each of these entities. It has been seen that the basis of the environment reforms of President Obama are increasingly based on clean energy.

Our personal contribution to the environment

Of course standard measures like using a bike for short trips, turning off electrical appliances when they are not in use, using a cloth bag for shopping and conserving water will help the environment enormously. The world is now expanding into the Internet age and there are multitudes of hosting companies all over the world serving the ever increasing demand for web space. Unlike green web hosting concerns, these hosting companies use up energy for their various operations produced by using conventional sources of producing energy. The accent now is on making use of clean energy. This means using renewable sources of energy, use of non-polluting mechanisms and avoiding those methods that involve production of green house gases. Several government initiatives are being put in place in order to help industries such as web hosting companies and even households, to produce energy by using solar panels and wind power.

Green Web hosting shows the way

Many green hosting companies have already converted to ‘green energy’ and they offer the same if not better services with green hosting than the ones using conventional sources of power. By helping save our environment, we are protecting our future, creating a world that is safe for our children and improving the standard of living. Use of wind energy, solar energy, and even geothermal energy by the green web hosting companies has paved the way for innovation and for restriction on the production of the dangerous gases. Avoiding substances that would harm the environment is the best way of preserving pristine nature in its most beautiful form. Migrating towards the energy sufficient green methods are now becoming standard procedure more than being just an option for our everyday consumer concerns.

Progress Through Computers and the Internet World

The Internet rules and the world of yesterday becomes a faded dream as millions peruse their education and take up vocations online. Life sometimes takes a backseat and watches the computer whirr along making changes to the lives of millions in an unseen fashion using stringent programming and well defined coding languages.

Computers help us:

  • organize things
  • maintain records
  • make schedules
  • connect to the Internet
  • shop online
  • communicate with friends
  • study and play games online
  • improve our talents through special web tools

The list goes on and on… (more…)